by The Jim Tablowski Experience

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maybe the last but possibly the best record we ever and in general made. recorded somewhen, all songs by ghostwriters.


released January 1, 2015




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The Jim Tablowski Experience Dortmund, Germany

Jim Tablowski keepin it hood since march 2012. cookin up some marvoulous garagepunk ta getcha mouth watering.

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Track Name: City Bike Gang
city bike gang straight forward !!!
city bike gang straight forward !!!
if you really wanna push me right off my bike
im pretty sure im gonna jump off and start a fight !
Track Name: Life Support
if you wanna jump on a penguin
you gotta first ask the animal rights organisation
and if you wanna order your stuff on amazon
you shouldnt have a problem with drones on your front lawn

if you wanna find a handsized man in the sand
just go to attacoma
and if you keep your headcache for quite some years and nothing helps
you probably just drink a glass of water
or maybe its a tumor

sometimes the smallest creature on mother earth
does the greatest steps of all
the best thing is its not that far too fall
because youre small and close to the ground already
Track Name: Sup wit crops?
you say its raining way too much
i say well thats good for the crops
you say you would like the rain to stop
i say just think about the crops

crops just wont ever hurt you
what should they do?
they cant walk to the store to get some refreshments
just like you do

you say you want the rain to stop
words which would never come from a crop
if you would swap places you would fuck up
there is much to learn from the crops

crops just wont ever hurt you
what should they do?
they cant walk to the store to get some refreshments
just like you do
Track Name: I'm a Perroquet
theres a coffeeshop in the city
it has a huge cage in the middle
and in the upper right they put a twiggy branch
on which a perrot purges until her days will end
she got some toys in there and all these grandmas
sticking greasy fingers through her prison bars
trying to make her sing this stupid idiot song
she would rather sing something else but only knows this one

for fourty years she breathe the sweet toke toke toke toke
now they forbid public folks to smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke
why did they take away all of her fun fun fun fun
shes waiting for her life to be done

and when i saw her there on her twiggy branch
i thought of my own life and now i understand
people try to trick me up and so i have to sing
im hailing from my twiggy branch

for fourty years we breathe this sweet toke toke toke toke
now they forbid public folks to smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke
why do they take away all our fun fun fun fun?
we are waiting for our lifes to be done

I'm a papapapapapapapapapaperroquet!
Track Name: Surrender
i will surrender completly and slowly
follow me into the dark
until nothings left
gotta get away

all my influence on this worls shall be undone
every thought of me vanished
fading away
gotta get away
Track Name: Should We Make It XXXtra Creamy ??
would you liek some fresh made tomato based sauce?
how do you feel about onions and some fried up tots?
how about some spices and some garlic too?
if you like we add nuts, how about cashew?
lets take the veggies to the chopping block
choppety chop chop till the waiters hot
if its ready to boil
pour in some noodles but please add some oil

this looks like the best meal i ever did see
how do you feel about adding some tasty cream?

Track Name: LA Gang Report
you talk to me like im a four-years-old now
even though im 24 years old now
in dog years i'd already be dead
and far away from you

dont ever act like you could understand me
no one in the world could ever understand me
so who the fuck do you think you are?
some kind of Ghandi or what?

I dont ask for much, i dont ask for much anymore
since i watched these LA Gang Reports

on youtube
on youtube
on youtube
on the internet

dont talk to me about your whitebread problems
if ive got a problem a problem got a problem
a problem got a problem if i ever face one
ill smash it until its gone

i dont ask for much, since im born i never did
im a piece of shit
Track Name: 30sec average Popsong
why should I walk the paved way
Im already born of where it might take (me)
and i dont care about BBQs
cause i dont care much about steaks

maybe god doesnt believe in my existence either
this life is just a great big joke to me

and maybe when i come home
and this whole day was a disaster
i still got pizza in my freezer
so why should i even bother?
Track Name: I just came to say goodbye
hey, estoy aquí puedo ver tu cara
estamos cerca unos de otros-en la carne
te estoy hablando usted y
usted está hablando a mí

No sé si esto va a suceder de nuevo
pero yo sé que es bueno ser tu amigo

ahora yo digo
que es bueno
que es muy bueno
Track Name: Vanity Fair
the first time i read the vanity fair
the waiting room had refreshed air
i need a ride to take me anywhere
waiting on some truckstopstairs
caught a ride around one pm
made friends with ben the driver man
dropped down at the streets dead end
tried to hitchhike back to the city again
and even if someone drives me out
to the desert and leaves me there
for the entire month of august
i couldnt be happier
jumped on a train economy class
comfortable seating to flatter my ass
a place to store my sleeping bag
hope nobody minds my bag of grass
and even if i dont know where i go
i mean i could be going anywhere
for the entire month of august
i couldnt be happier
i couldnt be happier